We have chosen quality

IMAFLEX is a member of the Consortium of Italian Manufacturers of Quality Mattresses.

IMAFLEX has always focused on ensuring and guaranteeing the best quality for its products so it is no surprise that the company is one of the founding members of the Consortium of Italian Manufacturers of Quality Mattresses. The Consortium, established in 1988, is a non-profit association whose members are amongst the most qualified companies in the industry and represent a significant market share in Italy.These companies are united by an orientation towards quality and by a commitment to transparent communication with all stakeholders and the public.

The statutory objective of the Consortium, which operates independently on the market, is to promote high-quality products. Members undertake to develop and produce only mattresses conforming to the quality guidelines defined by the Consortium, in compliance with Italian and international standards.These mattresses maintain their characteristics and performance for the entire intended life cycle of the product. Members are committed to promote and incentivize the improvement of quality and to invest in research with the goal to attain ever- higher performance.

Quality: popularization, research and promotion

The Consortium endorses a culture of sound sleep through three main activities targeting resellers and consumers.

  1. Popularization of facts about sleep, supported primarily by the new website, which is now a true information portal, providing details about all aspects of proper sleep including technical data, purchasing guidelines and medical tips for a healthy lifestyle. The services provided on the website are furthered by activities on social networks to maintain a continuous engagement with consumers.

  2. Scientific research, to provide all member companies the most recent findings to facilitate continuous quality improvement. With this goal in mind, important partnerships with Italian universities (University of Genova, Polytechnic University of Milan), medical centres (Treviglio, Bergamo and Lecco), prestigious newspapers and magazines, and certified labs have been established.

  3. Promotion of quality products at the most important partners of the Consortium, the qualified resellers, who are provided with training and informative activities to help them best engage consumers. Over two thousand resellers in Italy receive a regular newsletter with recent industry updates that frequently include lesser known facts about good sleep.

Quality: trademark and label

The Consortium of Italian Manufacturers of Quality Mattresses has established a collective trademark, filed at the international level, to attest the quality of products certified by the Consortium. This consists of a numbered fabric label that is stitched to the certified mattress. Products bearing this trademark have the following features:

  • they have been manufactured in compliance with Italian and international regulations, with compliance checks and inspections by the Consortium;

  • they have passed a series of durability and resistance tests, simulating the most critical conditions of use; these tests are performed by independent labs, accredited by the National Accreditation Body (Accredia).

  • they are made of materials that are healthy, safe and of appropriate quality;

  • they are the result of in-depth studies into the physiology of sleep, human anatomy and science of materials;

  • they retain their performance throughout the mattress’s life;

  • they have been manufactured by a company committed to quality and continuous improvement, a company that safeguards the consumer before, during and after purchase.

Stars tell quality: a new system to know the true quality of your mattress

An exclusive ranking system has been developed by the Consortium of Italian Manufacturers of Quality Mattresses for its members. In addition to the existing lab tests that evaluate mattress resilience and resistance to wear and tear, the new system takes into consideration hygiene, safety, health, comfort, materials, production processes and quality and consumer protection. Each of these dimensions are tested by third party labs and are finally evaluated by the Consortium’s technical committee. The number of stars – from 3 to 6 – is showed on the product page and represents the overall score of the product.

The quality of the mattress: tests

Product tests have been designed by the CEN (European Committee for Standardization) and are performed by Catas. The rollator test for dynamic fatigue is performed, for example, is a simulation of loads and movement caused by prolonged use of the mattress using a roller, formed by two truncated cones with an overall weight of 140 kg. With respect to European standards, as an additional guarantee for consumers, the Consortium of Italian Manufacturers of Quality Mattresses has established in its protocol the carrying out of the durability test for 45,000 cycles, which is 50% more than the CEN provisions.

Imaflex, accredited with the Quality Management System certificate DNV GL – ISO 9001

The pursuit of Quality in all aspects of production, from initial studies to final assembly and delivery of the product, is one of the strengths of the IMAFLEX Quality System, certified by the international body DNV GL, in compliance with ISO 9001 standards. Imaflex, one of the firsts to obtain this recognition, guarantees compliance with a consistent, high quality standard through careful planning, selection and supervision of suppliers and production processes, and execution of tests and checks (on the end product, raw materials, components and operations). This allows the company to pursue its goal of total customer satisfaction, with guaranteed and accessible quality.

Scarica il certificato ISO 9001

Catas Member

CATAS’ goal is to promote technical development of Italian enterprises in the industry and to be the benchmark for improving the quality of products. CATAS is currently the major Italian R&D institute and leading laboratory in the furniture and wood- based products sector. CATAS cooperates with Italian and foreign organizations and institutions for research and product certification activities.


assArredo, an association belonging to Federlegno- Arredo, has over one thousand Italian business members that produce furniture, upholstered articles, mattresses, kitchens, urban and outdoor furnishings, furnishing accessories, and contract furnishings. The strategic and operating program of assArredo also includes initiatives aimed to turning businesses into key market players through a policy of transparency and protection of consumer rights, as well as a series of initiatives that certify product quality. These activities are based on the knowledge that the sector contributes towards improving the quality of life.

Insurance services

IMAFLEX products are insured with GENERALI ITALIA for product liability in relation to defective products. The insurance operates in accordance with the policy conditions.


The IMAFLEX trademark guarantees quality, reliability and duration of its products. This quality derives from research, technology and exclusive tests. A product with this trademark is the result of rigorous industrial experience. Our experience and knowledge of human anatomy, posture and sleep physiology guided our choice of the best right materials and design to guarantee the correct support and the safest hygiene.

Focus on health and respect for the environment

One of the fundamental aspects distinguishing the philosophy behind Somnium products is our maximum attention to the environment and the protection of the consumer's health. For this reason, we offer products made with materials satisfying several environmental and health requirements, the most important being the absence or limited presence of substances deemed harmful or toxic for humans: irritants or substances suspected of being linked to cancer. This guarantee also covers substances that may subsequently develop in the mattress under normal conditions of use.

The Consortium of Italian Manufacturers of Quality Mattresses trademark is affixed on Somnium products

High-quality mattresses are offered for sale in the best shops throughout Italy. A large number of Somnium mattresses have earned the right to wear the Consortium of Italian Manufacturers of Quality Mattresses trademark.